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Margaret wears Kahlo leather tee, Gucci shoes, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag.

Last week I went to the Bespoke PR offices to visit my beautiful blogger friend Margaret Zhang before she jetted off to NYC for fashion week. Ever-stylish as usual, when I showed up Marg happened to be covered head to toe in leather… Yes, more (and more and more) Summer leather. Of course, she pulls off the look with aplomb. Indeed, it may seem on the surface of her blog, Shine By Three, that little Marg pulls off everything with aplomb – university law, ballet, relationships, not to mention the fact that she’s always smiling. But I know how hard she works and the incredible talent she possesses… I’m telling you this girl is one to watch. All my wishes of joy and success to you on your upcoming adventures my dear!




The lovely Emma from Bespoke wearing… Summer leather!

This dress is actually the perfect answer to leather in Australian heat I think – the deep v on the back exposes just the right amount of skin for optimal ventilation. Back cleavage is another trend I’m obsessed with right now. I love all the structural tops and dresses that are around at the moment that give good spinal peep-show. It’s still sexy and so much more subtle than getting your front out, or baring your midriff. Probably expect a lot more shots of girls with their backs to me in the future!




January Instagram wrap-up.

What a great start to the year!

PANTONE 17-5641

image Trenery tee, Kahlo leather skirt, RMK Shoes, Diva necklace

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! sorry for the hiatus…

Decided to keep it simple last week during a bit of a run-around day with simple black and white and a splash of colour: Emerald, Pantone’s 2013 colour of the year. I worked on a very exciting project in the morning; details to come! Then I visited the girls at Bespoke PR for a little afternoon fun. Over the course of the day I noticed one thing: everyone was wearing leather! After posting about wearing leather in Summer last week, and the impracticalities the Australian weather poses for such heavy gear, I couldn’t help but laugh when not only I, but 5 others were also wearing leather on a warm sunny day. Ah fashion, sometimes we suffer for you. Feel the love.

So look forward to a few more Summer leather street style shots coming up soon!



image Archive shot from my first styling job. Model: Caitlin buckle, Photographer: Jessica Klingelfuss.

Controversial as it has become, Australia Day is still one of my favourite days of the year. I’ll never forget the devastation I felt 5 years ago when I thought I’d miss out on the traditional celebrations because I was in Dublin. But I found an Australian bar, complete with cricket, Tooheys, Burger Rings, and the Triple J Hottest 100. Oh, the joy!

I can’t imagine having grown up anywhere other than Australia. I’m also lucky enough to have lived in the country, city, coast, and snow (yes, snow!). Anyone who has travelled here will agree with how beautiful it is here – definitely something worth celebrating. The people are pretty great too, we love a good laugh and an afternoon in the sunshine with the people we think are tops.

Hope your day tomorrow is packed with fun!



Bondi beach storm black and white

Bondi beach storm clouds black and white

Bondi hotel storm clouds black and white

Bondi beach dark storm clouds black and white

Bondi beach storm blues

Storm clouds rolled in over Bondi Beach yesterday afternoon – quite a different sight to the shots I took of Bronte last week! The clouds look so dramatic in black and white, but the colours we got were absolutely beautiful as well; that last shot has not been altered at all – straight from the camera baby! So many blues!

As I’ve mentioned, Sydney is experiencing that all confusing weather so typical of Australia. Four seasons in one day so to speak. But I do enjoy the constant change – it keeps me and my wardrobe on our toes! And with Australia Day coming up, the repeated rises and falls in humidity with the storms approaching and unleashing themselves all just feels like home.


*For all those fellow Neverending Story fans out there, do you also think of The Nothing every time you see storm clouds?


Dr Seuss shorts inspired by prada for Alice Liddell blog Trenery linen tee, Typo diary, Tara Wolfe bracelets , Pantone iPhone case, shorts by Mum.

It’s coming up to the end of January and I’m already thoroughly enjoying 2013. It’s been so busy, with many meetings and new endeavours; looks like good things are set to happen this year! I haven’t been able to get by so far without my diary, phone, and iPad every day, as well as some very comfy clothes for running around (and nannying!).

These shorts were made by my mum, inspired by the Prada SS12 collection after seeing this photo about 6 months ago. It took us forever to actually find the time to meet up and make them – not to mention the material. I really am just a big kid on the inside, so when I found the Dr Seuss pattern I had to have it. I think mum could probably still quote the entire Green Eggs and Ham book after reading it to me so much as a child. The shorts are modelled from my favourite boyfriend jeans and have been a saviour in the heat while I’ve been so busy. Thanks mum, you’re the greatest!



Ksubi leather tee for Alice Liddell blog Nora wears Ksubi leather tee

Let’s face it, the whole Summer Leather trend has never been that practical in Australia. Here, the scorching sun and rampant humidity teamed with animal hide equals slimy, half-melted amphibian-skin girl rather than edgy-cool bronzed hot mama. But every now and then the weather cools just enough to get away with it. Today looks to be one of those days. I’m absolutely obsessed with this Ksubi leather tee, along with pretty much everything else the brand has to offer right now. They have a killer sale going on at the moment too; even more reason to seize the narrow window we have to wrap ourselves in the hottest texture known to fashion.



Givenchy bag, Bassike pants, Havaianas, Karen Walker sunglasses

Another casual Sunday look for the overcast weather. Hope you’ve had a good weekend!



Bronte beach bathers Alice Liddell blog

Bondi beach horizon Alice Liddell blog
Bronte beach yesterday


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