by aliceliddellblog


Cue W.13 – Fashion of the Near Future

from CueClothingCo on Vimeo.

The Cue Winter 2013 collection has finally hit stores. There has been so much excitement leading up to this point – talk of pulling in the big guns; models Meghan Collison and Elza Luijendijk (so huge that their tiny frames have worked for the likes of Versace, Prada, and Proenza Schouler), and much-loved Kiwi photographer (who Australia has obviously adopted as our own, as per any successful New Zealander) Derek Henderson.

For the last few years Cue has produced seasons of quite pretty collections that were, well, also pretty boring. A brand that was once my aspirational beacon of “grown up edgy success” as a teen, had somehow come to the point where if I saw another season of floral printed Stepford wife dresses I was ready to give up on the label all together*. But Summer 3013 sparked within me a ray of hope. Geometric prints. New fabrics. The Stepford wife dress suddenly had a slightly more sporty edge, with racer cut shoulders and high necklines… We’re these the winds of change? Oh yes, yes they were. A few weeks ago I got my first peek at what was to come for Winter 2013. Lo and behold my disappointments were abolished! Such structure, such lush leather! And the brocade! (I know it’s been around for a while now but it’s still such an amazing trend; it makes me feel royal, and who doesn’t love that?) I’m pretty sure those little silk geometrically printed peplum belts have turned me to the dark side and made me love peplum. And now to actually see the whole range in store and try it all on…. My cup runneth over.

So my next question is: who is willing to accept the sale of my soul so that I may own this whole collection? Get in touch. I need your help. Thanks.

*It’s not that those dressed were bad – in fact the cut and prints were actually quite nice – it just wasn’t my style, and to be honest I felt like it had become the fallback piece for many brands across the country. I was bored.