by aliceliddellblog


A few months ago I was honoured to have been invited to the launch of Samantha Wills Stationary line, illustrated by the phenomenal talent that is Kelly Smith. The brunch was absolutely divine and it was so lovely seeing Samantha again, and meeting Kelly (finally! I’ve been in secret worship of her for years). And, much like everything Samantha Wills, the stationary was simple yet exquisite at the same time – and all packed in her signature intricately carved wooden boxes.

I was so pleased to find people who adore letter writing as much as I do myself. Anyone who follows the Alice Liddell Instagram will be familiar with the wonderful postcards I have received recently from my friend who is travelling in Europe; I cannot explain the way my heart soars when I see one in my letterbox. I also adhere to the strict tradition of sending my faraway friends Christmas cards, and I have been known to send personalised puzzles as letters on random occasions in the past. I may use technology to blog everyday, but I am a true old-fashioned romantic at heart – snail mail rules.

In celebration of Valentines Day and all the beautiful poetic letters written throughout time, I am giving away a pack of 24 “Girl” postcards from the range, as well as a one-of-a-kind Samantha Wills ring designed by yours truly using the SW Design Studio – pictured above (I was invited for a trial run of the design studio along with a host of other bloggers for a morning of jewellery making late last year – so I handmade this baby all by myself! ….mostly).

TO ENTER simply like the Samantha Wills Facebook page, as well as the Alice Liddell Blog Facebook page and leave a comment below saying you have done so! Competition is open until midnight Tuesday 12th February, with the winner announced on Wednesday.