by aliceliddellblog

image Tuchuzy singlet, Witchery bikini.

“Sun is shining, I’m a rainbow too”

The sun has finally shown its face today after a bout of windy rainy weather here at home. I feel like I’m always talking about the weather on this blog, but it really does determine what I wear from day to day. I’m not one to suffer for fashion – sorry to those diehards out there, I just don’t think it’s necessary. I will always dress appropriately for the weather or the days activities, considering all angles of practicality and how far I can push things and still get through my day comfortably. For example, Isabel Marant Beckett sneakers are comfortable enough to wear while running around after a toddler, despite the invisible heel; and jackets are absolutely fine to wear in warm weather provided you pair them with shorts or sandals (Elle and Hannah-Rose I’m looking at you!).

So of course, since the sun has come out and I live near the beach and I finally have a day to myself, I have donned the very appropriate backless top* and swimwear to bask on the sand for a while. And also i have now posted an inappropriate bum shot on my blog….. Hoorah!

Soon I will tell you about my solution to the 4 seasons in one day outfit dilemmas. See, sometimes talking about the weather isn’t just a boring space filler. It’s all relevant.

*Didn’t I say I had an obsession with backless tops?!