by aliceliddellblog

12 Days of Christmas 2012

Zara bag; Acne Paper magazine

I am absolutely blown away by this issue of Acne Paper, which is entirely dedicated to Manhattan. Although my first love when it comes to cities of the world is Paris, I (like many other Sydney-siders) also have quite a profound love for NYC. I have only ever travelled there during the fall and winter seasons but that is the time of year that the city is truly magical – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Central Park covered in snow, hot apple ciders bought at Bryant Park and enjoyed on a stroll to the Public Library, rugging up and rushing indoors to meet old friends not seen in years… Now is the time that I miss New York. Although I do still love the Aussie Summer Christmas, as strange as the tradition seems to the rest of the world. But apart from that one day, mostly I long for the chilled romantic dreamscape that paints my memories of Manhattan. So I’m grabbing a sleek, classic-looking bag and my Acne Paper and getting lost in my thoughts for a while…